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Down the Pub slot is the best to visit on Friday night. This new 5×3, 15-line slot by Playson features Wild symbol, Scatter symbols which trigger Free Spins. The last ones can be stopped only by the very last pint of beer! But keep you mind sober, as the Bonus Game will puzzle you – you `ll get to play a slot inside a slot!


Down the Pub slot is there for your relaxation after a hard working day. Visit your favorite pub with good drinks behind the counter and nice garage band to listen to. The game features Wild, Pint, Scatter and B+O+N+U+S symbols. 3 Scatters trigger Free Spins where you have to keep track of the Pint of beer. And the B+O+N+U+S symbols will trigger the Bonus Game where you get to play a classic fruit machine often met in old pubs. Cheers!


B+O+N+U+S symbols trigger the Bonus Game when shown in consecutive order on the reels. In the Bonus Game player has a chance to play a classic fruit machine. It is 3×3 slot with only one active horizontal line. 7 is a Wild symbol and substitutes all other symbols. Bonus Game is played with the last bet set.

This machine has a board with 20 special fields which has different effect on slot machine winnings. These fields are:
1. Start – initial position; after the first move functions as Empty field.
2. Nudge – reels can move up or down by 1 symbol to form the most profitable combination.
3. Shifta – blocks the first symbol on the reels to compose a winning combination with it.
4. Boost – gives 1 life up to max of 3 lives.
5. Factor x2, x3, x4, x5 – the prize equals Total Bet multiplied by the winning factor.
6. Jackpot – Total Bet will be multiplied by the shown multiplier.
7. Safe Track – replaces each Bomb field with Factor х1 within 1 spin.
8. Empty – no bonuses added to the slot winnings.
9. Bomb – takes away 1 life.

At the beginning of the Bonus Game Start, Nudge, Shifta, Boost, Jackpot, Safe Track fields are already on the board and other symbols are Empty fields. Each spin fills in 3 random Empty fields with 1 Factor field and 2 Bomb fields.
At the beginning of the Bonus game player has 3 lives. Each spin moves player across the board clockwise for random number of steps. Bonus Game finishes when player is out of lives. Bonus Game is available both during Main Game and Free Spins. The maximum number of Bonus Game rounds is limited to 50 rounds.


3 or more Scatter symbols trigger a series of Free Spins. During Free Spins additional Free Spins can not be won. The number of Free Spins depends on the number of special Pint symbol appearance. After 3rd appearance of the Pint symbol one more Free Spin is played. Afterwards Free Spins mode finishes. The maximum number of Free Spins rounds is limited to 70. Each appearance of the Pint symbol gives a winning of 10 line bets to the player. It also grants a multiplier of free spins winnings. 1st appearance of the Pint symbol gives x2 multiplier; 2nd appearance of Pint symbol – x3 multiplier; 3rd appearance of Pint symbol – x10 multiplier. Pint symbol appears only on the 3rd reel and acts as a Wild symbol. Free Spins mode is played with the last bet set.



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