Girl who dumped her boyfriend begs for come back after he won 20m euro


Jan Jönsson, 26, was dumped after four years in a serious relationship surfed the web when he came across an offer he could not refuse.

The popular online casino Casino X offered 20,000 crowns to all newcomers: Make your first deposit and participate in the jackpot draw about 435 861 334 krons.

He had recently lost his job and had more than 896 000 krons in mortgages. When future seemed darkest, decided his girlfriend, Amanda Teskin, to leave him.

“I got tired of that he did nothing to move on”
– Amanda.

“He’s a great guy, but he was always broke. My friends said I needed someone who could take care of me financially. I realized then that Jan is not the type of man.”

Amanda could hardly have imagine that life for Jan would change radically so fast.

Source: ThisJustIn

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